E.C. Woodley: Scoring the Bio-Horror of Antiviral

Antiviral_lips2Although he’s only scored a handful of feature films, E.C. Woodley’s latest work, the music for Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral [M] (2012), may be his most impressive calling card, boasting an engrossing if not hypnotic marriage of analogue and digital sounds.

Inspired by the film’s striking visuals and the performances of its cast, the music also reflects the peculiar struggle within the film as fans trying to get close to their idols through biological ingestion, if you will.

The resulting score, released as a digital album by Lakeshore Records, is lush and immersive, and features sounds that stem from Woodley’s own unique way of perceiving, crafting, and adapting material into a tailored-made score.

In our lengthy conversation, Woodley discusses his time as Michael Kamen’s assistant on Brazil (1985), and the thought processes that ultimately created a remarkable score.

Besides scoring Antiviral for cousin Brandon Cronenberg, Woodley also scored Rhinoceros Eyes (2003) for brother Aaron Woodley, Paul Fox’ The Dark House (2005), and the anthology film Toronto Stories (2008).

Special thanks to E.C. Woodley for his time, and Beth Krakower at CineMedia Promotions.

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Mark R. Hasan, Editor
Big Head Amusements

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