Media Channels

Most of my video & film work is archived & sampled via three main channels:

1) IGTV – Instagram’s new vertical video platform isn’t for widescreen – the whole point is to offer videos in the flipped 9×16 ratio rather than 16×9, which forces one to adjust your phone – but it is a new venue to post material that’s perhaps over-saturated on YouTube. I’m only adding original content, which includes Vertical Vignettes (impromptu montages of selective areas in Toronto), and extracts of some work including video art, largely derived from the fusion of vintage tube cameras, CRT monitors, bouncing footage between digital & analogue realms, and finalizing the footage in Premiere and / or FCP.

2) VIMEO – the channel features a broader range of work, including vintage video gear tests, short films, and montages from podcasts with composers & filmmakers.

3) YOUTUBE – my filmmaking site Big Head Amusements and my media review site have their own respective channels, and share components tied to podcasts (available on Google Play, iTunes, Libsyn), short works, and gear tests.

For certain podcasts (especially film composer Q&As), I created the occasional visual montage to support either extracts of cues of a score being discussed.

The montages involve the use of vintage tube & CCD video cameras, filming patterns off scopes (oscilloscope, vectorscope, waveform monitor), and now & then the use of odd / peculiar / rare gizmos, like the Atari Visual Music C-240, and the Showtime Video Ventures Colorizer. The footage is captured with an analogue camera and recorded either to tape or to the hard drive in Premiere or FCP.

In early 2019 (think April) I’ll test out selling full-length works as digital downloads & physical releases, but for now, the main sources of excerpts are the aforementioned channels, with updates on new additions posted here, and via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.