Experimental – Narrative – Satirical (Selected)


WANDEL’S (in Post-Production)

WANDEL’S – HD version (CCD camera)
WANDEL’S – SD version (tube camera)

Synopsis: One meticulously sculped and nurtured garden (by Fred and Charlotte Wandel in rustic Gatineau) filmed in two passes – first in HD, second in SD via a 30 year old tube camera. Same trees and flowers, different visuals, editing styles, and sound design.

Genre: Experimental Short / Cameras: Canon SX220HS (HD version) + Canon VC-50 Pro Saticon tube (SD version) + Sony GV-D1000 minidv recorder / Site Search: Wandel’s




Synopsis: Short experimental film about the environs and minutia of a classic bricks & mortar sales & rental video shop in Toronto, Canada. Shot almost entirely with vintage tube cameras after hours at Bay Street Video, the short experimental documentary blends elements from digital and analogue realms.

Genre: Experimental Short / Cameras: Canon VC-50 Pro + many other models; Showtime Video Ventures processors / IMDB / Teaser Trailer: Vimeo + YouTube / Film Festivals: SDUFF (World Premiere) / Eye Myth (Canadian Premiere) / Site Search: BSV 1172



Nuit Blanche Toronto: Director X’s DEATH OF THE SUN (2016)

Synopsis: Short featurette covering the pre-show and 3 main segments of DEATH OF THE SUN, a massive mixed media / art installation by Director X that debuted at Nuit Blanche Toronto on October 1, 2016.

Genre: Documentary Short / Camera: Canon SX220HS (HD) / Video Links: Vimeo + YouTube / Site Search: Death of the Sun




Synopsis: Short bonus video meant to accompany my film review at of Bobby Roth’s forgotten drama HEARTBREAKERS (1984). The video stems from my extreme disappointment in discovering my lovely Sony SL HF860D would not eject my Betamax copy of the film, after I went to the trouble of cleaning the heads after a long period of disuse.

Genre: Satirical Short / Camera: Canon SX220HS (HD) / Video Links: Vimeo / YouTube / Site Search: Stuck Betamax Tape



Marilla Wex’s LOST AND FOUND – Toronto Fringe Festival Performance (2015)

Synopsis: Select excerpts and Main / End Titles from the first half of Marilla Wex’s Best of Toronto Fringe Festival 2014 monologue, LOST AND FOUND, taped live at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace, and directed by Lara Johnson. Shot entirely with a vintage ENG broadcast tube camera, the final piece was edited from two live performances, and includes mono, stereo, and discrete 5.1 audio mixes.

Genre: Performance Taping / Cameras: JVC BY-110U 3 Saticon tube (main performances) + JVC GZ-S5 Saticon tube / Extract: Vimeo + YouTube / Site Search: Lost and Found




Synopsis: Begun in 2013 and completed in late 2014, LIQUID PUPPETRY is a kind of shadow puppet show done in reverse – an immersion into a world of bright backgrounds, pastel colors, and watery visual & aural forms, as created with 1980s analog video gear (including a defective Newvicon tube video camera) and lap dissolves excepted, assembled without digital effects.

Genre: Experimental Short / Camera: Sylvania VCC-120BK01 Newvicon tube + Panasonic WJ-MX12 mixer / IMDB / Video Links: Vimeo + YouTube / Film Festivals: PlaYR Video Festival (World Premiere) / Site Search: Liquid Puppetry




Synopsis: A bonus short shot entirely with a vintage ENG broadcast tube camera onto VHS, THE MAGIC BETA CASE is tied to my 2013 reviews of the 1988 Betamax release of NO MAN’S LAND, and REWIND THIS! a 2013 documentary on VHS collecting.

Genre: Satirical Short / Camera: Panasonic WV-6000 S1 Newvicon tube + Panasonic AG-2400 VHS portable recorder / Video Links: Vimeo + YouTube / Site Search: Magic Beta Case




Synopsis: Although it didn’t make the first round of judging, this was my entry for the 2013 Toronto Urban Film Festival [TUFF]. Entries had to be no more than 1 minute, silent, and show some facet of urban life in Toronto, which in this, case was travelling by subway the Royal Ontario Museum (aka the ROM).

Genre: Experimental Short / Camera: Canon SX220HS (HD) / 2013 TUFF Entry / Video Links: Vimeo + YouTube) / Site Search: To the ROM by Lightning


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