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mrh_avatar_bBig Head Amusements is my filmmaking shingle, under which I produce short films and featurettes tied to my podcasts at KQEK.com, the media review site specializing in film & video reviews, soundtrack reviews, and interviews.

In addition to production updates and making-of blogs at BHA, I also showcase vintage video gear which is an integral component of my work, as the vast majority of the effects footage stems from analogue video cameras, tape recorders, processors, switchers, and video synthesizers / colorizers. The raw materials are imported into a digital environment where they’re treated, layered, and sometimes bounced several times between Premiere and analogue gear before finalized as a digital file, as is the case with my recently completed experimental documentary BSV 1172.

I also write blogs on gear to help others find similarly unique use of vintage video gear, much in the way composers may integrate old synths, unusual acoustic instruments, or sound effects into a finished work. In many ways, the film composers I’ve interviewed are inspirational figures.

Excerpts and complete works are archived on my Vimeo and YouTube channels, and podcasts and certain bonus media (like featurettes and shorty-shorts) are also archived on KQEK.com’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, I also offer specific services, some of which are detailed on my C.V. at www.mondomark.com, including audio editing / restoration & clean-up / mixing for podcasts and film work; video de-grading using analogue gear; and creating abstract patterns as background material / plates, or audio-triggered pulses using gizmos like an Atari Video Music C-240, a Showtime Video Ventures Colorizer, or scopes like a waveform and oscilloscope.

Messaging is available via Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter forums, and email (“inquiries” “at” “bigheadamusements” “dot” “com”).


Mark R. Hasan, Editor
Big Head Amusements