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It’s been quite a few months since I posted some new material, due in part to playing catch-up with reviews for my media site, and more recently a series podcasts, including an interview with Goblin’s Maurizio Guarini on scoring the 1911 silent Italian classic Dante’s Inferno / L’Inferno, Comrade Detective‘s ace composer Joe Kraemer, and two new installments of ArtScopeTO featuring painter-photographer Hanna Kostanski and abstract painter Chris Marin.

Alongside links to a podcast featuring the edited post-Suspiria 4K Q&A with Goblin at Toronto’s Royal Cinema this past Wed. Oct. 18, 2017, I’ve added links to BSV 1172: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Video Store (2016) which is free to stream via Vimeo and YouTube for 1 week as a mini-celebration of Video Store Day.




The film will be released in late January 2018 with special features (and maybe on VHS, for the fun of it), but the free streaming will also give prospective filmmakers an idea of what can be crafted using vintage video gear, and layering components after bouncing them back & forth between tape and digital media.

And put another way, I’ll eventually offer assorted video ‘degrading’ services once the main interface site is properly updated, with samples showing the transition from clean digital to shredded analogue, after the footage’s been channeled through assorted processors from the early 1980s.




For now, though, enjoy the film, and make sure you stream in on a large monitor with a 2.1 system to take advantage of the sound mix. It’s both a portrait of the daily routines within a classic bricks & mortar sales & rental shop – in this case, the entirety of Bay Street Video – and niche effects I can offer for filmmakers wanting to alter their footage with the least usage of digital plugins.

As I’ve written in some prior blogs, to get the colours and exaggerated imagery, you have to sometimes blast levels beyond the tolerance of digital media, record it to tape, and after dumping it to Premiere, mine the footage for specific noise, artifacts, and more or less fuck around with them to pull out certain elements.

Until the main portal – – is updated, please use Facebook & Twitter to shoot questions & messages about the film, the gear, and anything else.




Thanks for reading (and watching),


Mark R. Hasan, Editor
Big Head Amusement

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