Jeff Toyne Goes Rogue


Since his debut in 1999 with Maxwell’s Demon, Jeff Toyne’s scored a diversity of feature films, gliding between studio and independent visions (Abel’s Field), and working steadily as an orchestrator – most prominently for mentor Brian Tyler on the Final Destination films.

In our interview, Toyne discusses his collaborations with Tyler, and scoring Rogue [M] –  DirectTV’s first foray into original programming, starring Thandie Newton and Marton Csokas.

In  Season 1, Toyne’s music (set for a commercial release later this year) is both strategic and stealth, fluidly gliding between each episode’s sound design and the profanity-laced dialogue. The fragmented life and identity crises of central character Grace – undercover cop by day &night, barely functional mom when time permits – is nicely complimented by an incomplete theme which periodically expands and recedes as Grace experiences the extreme vicissitudes of her quest for rogue justice.

A 2007 interview [M] with Toyne regarding one of his early film scores, Shadow in the Trees, is also available.

Special thanks to Jeff Toyne, and Chandler Poling at White Bear PR.

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Mark R. Hasan, Editor
Big Head Amusements

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