TUFF 2013, Step One: Entering ‘To the ROM by Lightning’

Just managed to make the July 14th deadline and submit my entry for the 2013 TUFF / Toronto Urban Film Festival before the $20 fee kicks in. More importantly, I managed to stick to the contest’s rules, and my own:

1) Films must be no longer than 60 seconds (their rule).

2) Must deal with urbany things like transit, methods of conveyance, architecture, people thingies (their rule).

3)Must work with the footage I have – No last minute pick-up shots. My rule, because it would force decisions to be made under duress, and figure out aesthetic solutions to the hurdles, stumbles, and those creative brick walls that happen when you’re cutting a narrative.

4) No dead tech. Footage was shot on a small digital camera, and had to remain within the digital realm. No bouncing between mediums.

5) Finish the thing. Not next week, not save it for next year’s festival. Make it DONE.

6) No audio (their rule), which meant coming up with several editorial rhythms and visuals that inferred the various stages as one journeys from Point A to Point B – from home to the ROM / Royal Ontario Museum.

I’m happy with the finished film, and would be delighted if it makes the first cut and goes through the public voting process. It’ll be an interesting test to see how something more experimental fares against the myriad ways others managed to capture their take on a slice of urban life.

Chosen or not, To the ROM by Lightning will be uploaded soon to Vimeo and YouTube in HD, with a related blog. Until then, here are some teaser stills taken from the film:







Mark R. Hasan, Editor
Big Head Amusements

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