Frizzi to Fulci: the 2013 Concert and a Career Discussion, Part 1

FabioFrizzi_pic_Pt1_ssIn Part 1 of a lengthy career & industry podcast, Fabio Frizzi discusses “Frizzi to Fulci,” his first concert in London, England, at Union Chapel on Oct. 31, 2013; the unwavering endurance of Italian film music & soundtrack albums from the 70s and 80s; adapting his own work for the special concert setting; and his unreleased film and non-film work.

Special thanks to Fabio Frizzi for a lively discussion, and Stuart Kirkham at Fifth Avenue PR for facilitating the interview. “Frizzi to Fulci” is presented by Death Waltz Records and Paint It Black London.

This podcast is also available at SoundCloud and YouTube.

Visit Fabio Frizzi’s SoundCloud page.

Part 2 is also available.





Mark R. Hasan, Editor
Big Head Amusements

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