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Genre: Spoken Word, Christmas, Narrative

A collection of poem and short story readings featuring the works of Katharine Pyle, O. Henry, E. E. Cummings, Clement Clarke Moore, Stephen Leacock, Robert Benchley, and my own memories of lit pine trees, square candy, and having to wait interminable hours before permission was (finally) granted to tear open my blasted presents with unbridled awesomeness.

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PODCASTS + INTERVIEWS (Selected Conversations with Composers / Filmmakers / Painters / Photographers with Visual Montages)

For tallies of complete podcasts and interviews conducted for, ArtsScopeTO, and Big Head Amusements), please visit Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Libsyn, Sound Cloud (selected), Stitcher, and YouTube (selected).

Additional samples of Editing, Mixing, and Restoration work are also available.

This selected tally of Podcast + Interviews features voice + music triggered abstract & glitch visualizations:


Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner (Film Composers) for

Composers Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner discuss scoring ANNE WITH AN E, CBC and Netflix’s recent production of L.M. Montgomery’s ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, as adapted by BREAKING BAD’s Moira Walley-Beckett.

Teaser Trailer (using Leader Vectorscope, Showtime Video Ventures Video Colorizer + Processor, and Sony CCD Camera) / Interview Link



Dante Tomaselli (Writer / Director / Producer / Composer) for

Interview with filmmaker, composer, and sound artist Dante Tomaselli regarding his new CD, OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE (2019).

Teaser Trailer (using a rotting Sony CCD-V801 + Sony CCD-VX3 Cameras, Panasonic WJ-MX12 + Numark PPD VAM2000 Mixers, Showtime Video Ventures Colour Processor, and Krohn-Hite 3202 Frequency Filter) / Interview Link



John Murphy (Film Composer) for

Composer John Murphy (28 DAYS LATER, MIAMI VICE) discusses scoring the BBC’s lavish new 6-part mini-series LES MISERABLES (2018), based on Victor Hugo’s epic novel; his main themes & use of the viola; and taking a break from scoring in 2015 after the album ANONYMOUS.

Teaser Trailer (using B&K 1970s Oscillocope + Sony CCD Video Camera) / Instagram / Vimeo / YouTube Teaser Trailer / Interview Link



Printmakers Kris Bovenizer + Dawn Hemmy Annie Mandlsohn for ArtScopeTO

Printmaking artists Kris Bovenizer and Dawn Hemmy, whose works were showcased at Toronto’s Urban Gallery.

Visual Segments (using HD Cameras + Stills + using B&K 1970s Oscillocope) / Interview Link




Visual version of the National Canadian Film Day post-SCANNERS screening Q&A & Editor’s Blog podcast (featuring HD extracts of the pulsing images) + film review of Alexis Kanner’s KINGS AND DESPERATE MEN (1981) and book signing news.

Visual Segments (using Sony DCR-TRV140 + Hung Chang OS-620 Oscilloscope + Thurlby OM358 Oscilloscope Multiplexer) / Podcast Link



THE MASK (1961) Screening & Book Signing / Q&A for

Partial Editor’s Blog features 2 edited excerpts from the pre-screening intros of Julian Roffman’s THE MASK (1961) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, of which the latter is tied to the book launch of THE CANADIN HORROR FILM: TERROR OF THE SOUL.

Visual Segments (using Sony DCR-TRV140 + Hung Chang OS-620 Oscilloscope + Atari Visual Music C-240) / Podcast Link / Book Info & Reviews



Annie Mandlsohn (Mixed Media) + Robert J. Brodey (Photographer) for ArtScopeTO

Mixed-media artist Annie Mandlsohn and photographer-writer Robert J. Brodey whose works were showcased at Toronto’s Urban Gallery.

Visual Segments (using HD Cameras + Stills + Hung Chang OS-620 Oscillocope) / Interview Link



Nima Fakhrara (2) (Film + Video Game Composer) for

Iranian-American composer Nima Fakhrara discusses the organic experimentation that gives his recent horror score THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS its eerie tenor; and the fusion of Persian and vintage electronic sounds for 1979 REVOLUTION: BLACK FRIDAY video game.

Visual Segments (using Canon VC-50 Pro Saticon tube camera + JVC CRT monitor) on Vimeo ABCD / YouTube ABCD / Interview Link



Brian Reitzell (Film Composer / Musician) for

Brian Reitzell discusses scoring Season 3 of NBC’s HANNIBAL, musique concrete, working with David Slade, Tangerine Dream, and using vintage analogue synthesizers.

Visual Segments (using Sony CCD camcorder + Tektronix 1730 waveform monitor + Showtime Video Ventures Video Colorizer + Toshiba DVD recorder) / Interview Link



Elia Cmiral (Film Composer) / for

Elia Cmiral talks about the classical orchestral sounds of ATLAS SHRUGGED Part 3: WHO IS JOHN GALT? and being the subject of a documentary by fellow Czech director Petr Kanka – ELIA CMIRAL: PART 1.

Visual Segments (using Canon SX-220HS) / Interview Link



Nima Fakhrara (1) (Film + Video Game Composer) for

Nima Fakhrara discusses his breakthrough electronic score for THE SIGNAL (2014), classical Persian music, minimalism, and his love for the hammer dulcimer, which he’s performed on several scores for mentor Hans Zimmer.

Visual Segments (using using JVC GZ-S5 Saticon tube camera + Sansui AV-99 and X Video Mixer + Showtime Video Ventures Enhancer and Processor + portable Panasonic S-VHS recorder) on  Vimeo / YouTube / Interview Link



Ceiri Torjussen (Composer / Orchestrator) for

Ceiri Torjussen talks about orchestrating for composer Marco Beltrami (SNOWPIERCER), and TEST (2014), which captures the electronic soundscapes of eighties Brit pop in this unique AIDS drama.

Visual Segments (using JVC BY-110U Saticon tube camera + JVC KM-1200U video mixer + Showtime Video Ventures Enhancer and Processor) / Interview Link



Timothy Williams (Film Composer / Orchestrator / Arranger) for

Timothy Williams discusses his action score RED SKY (2015), his entry into film scoring, early years at the BBC, and studying in Ontario, Canada, before moving to Los Angeles and becoming an in-demand orchestrator.

Visual Segments (using Panasonic D5100 CCD camera) / Interview Link



Michael Penn (Film Composer / Musician) for

Michael Penn talks about crafting the music for TV’s MASTERS OF SEX, and using the sounds of the Mellotron, a fantastic organ-like instrument which allowed musicians to access looped sound samples through a keyboard.

Visual Segment (using Canon SX-220HS camera) / Interview Link



Darius Holbert (Film Composer) for

Darius Holbert discusses the sounds of vintage synthesizers, composing the music for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (2011), the series QUICK DRAW (2013), and the short film OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! (2012).

Visual Segments (using Canon VC-50 Pro Saticon tube camera + Panasonic WJ-MX12 and  Sony SEG-1 video mixers) / Interview Link


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