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  • New Animated Title Designs for’s podcasts (2014)

    New Animated Title Designs for’s podcasts (2014)

      After upgrading’s website from an olde HTML site to a fancy-schmancy WordPress theme with a new logo, it made sense to extend the branding of the site (and my for-hire skills) to the latest wave of podcasts for 2014, and although it’s been in the planning stages for a while, I finally finished up on redesigning the intros for the site’s podcasts from a static title card with the old logo to something more animated (and maybe a […]

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  • From the Mouth of Mayor Bozo: She Did Not Make the Crack

    From the Mouth of Mayor Bozo: She Did Not Make the Crack

    A sly parody of Mayor Bozo’s 2013 admission of doing crack is reworked into a variant. She did not make the crack, and yet…     The National Post has a short interview with the video’s unmasked director.   – MRH

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  • Wandel’s [extract] (2014)

    Wandel’s [extract] (2014)

      Although not made as a bonus supplement to accompany my review of the CBC’s recent adaptation of Terry Fallis’ novel Best Laid Plans, you could say Wandel’s is tied to the show by geography. I know it’s a stretch – just because both were filmed in & around the Gatineau region doesn’t mean they’re connected, but in their own way each reveals the beauty of the Ottawa region during its prettiest summer-ish days. This blog’s actually quite brief because […]

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  • Camera Test #102: GBC-CTC-5X + Flesh Tones

    Camera Test #102: GBC-CTC-5X + Flesh Tones

      Since the basic details of the GBC CTC-5X video camera are covered in Camera Test #102, I’ll keep things a bit more brisk that in the prior Camera Test blog. If the facts start reading a wee bit dry, just skip down to the end where the YouTube + Vimeo links are located. Now then. From what I’ve managed to find in print and picture online, GBC was a U.S. company specializing in industrial-level video cameras during the late sixties […]

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  • A Short-Short Film: “The Magic Beta Case”

    A Short-Short Film: “The Magic Beta Case”

      The production of this short-short film was purely spontaneous: I wanted some extra tie-in between my reviews of the 2013 doc Rewind This!  about VHS collecting and the history of home video, and my watching a Betamax tape of the 1987 film No Man’s Land – not the critically acclaimed 2001 Bosnian war film, but the 1987 Charlie Sheen-D.B. Sweeney suspense flick about Porsche stealers. The idea also stemmed from me preferring to make a demo video done in the antiquated […]

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  • “So for now, don’t give up your VCR”

    “So for now, don’t give up your VCR”

      Back in 1992, Buffalo’s WGRZ aired a piece on the return of the laserdisc which had won a small war against rival disc format CED, but lost out to VHS and Betamax because of the latter’s recording capabilities. With material sourced from Consumers Reports, the news piece goes through laserdisc’s pros & cons, but suggests it may not be the new big thing. History proved them right – it didn’t exceed tape because of an inability to record and […]

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